Hand-Painted Scarves

John Carollo's distinctive Controlled Chaos painting style combines beautifully with the smoothly rippling nature of real silk. Each scarf is a one-of-a-kind, original creation that can provide an unusual and unique splash of color and style to any outfit. Truly wearable art from an established artist.

Currently available sizes are 15x60", large enough to be a shoulder wrap, and 8x72", the perfect accessory to use in any number of ways. For more information on scarves available for purchase, please see our Shopping page.

Each piece is 100% silk habotai (china silk) with hand-rolled hem, hand-painted with silk dye, and steam-set for maximum permanence and brilliance of color.

Care Instructions: Scarves may be gently hand-washed in mild detergent and cold water. Do not bleach. When ironing, use the cooler setting/silk setting and iron on the reverse side. As with any hand-painted garment, a very small amount of color may move into the water during washing. With proper handling, your scarf will provide years of enjoyment and style.


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