Hand-Painted Flags

Learn about how John got started painting flags here

Hand-painted silk flags can provide a new and unusual level of artistry to your marching band, winter guard or drum corps color guard show. While painted flags are nothing new in the pageantry activity, artist John Carollo can bring a distinctive vision to your show, gained from his years of experience as a color guard director/designer and subsequent career as a noted abstract watercolor artist.

The combination of the two skills sets - thorough understanding of movement and impact mated with rich use of color to express mood, motion and energy - produces truly unique and effective creations described as "absolutely magnificent," "just spectacular," "a huge visual hit in our marching show." and "remarkable – had an INCREDIBLE effect on the field. Beautiful work!"

Flags can be 100% painted or specifically painted sections can be combined with other fabric pieces. Completed flags are treated with a dyeset solution for permanence and are suitable for use indoors or outside.

If you think the colors will be washed out and pastel, think again. Colors are rich, vivid and particularly brilliant when lit from behind, such as under stadium lights.

View some examples of past work below.

See videos of the creation of some of the flags plus some of them in motion at the Naked Eye Studios Youtube Channel.

Contact artist John Carollo for pricing information, based on your specific project/concept.


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