About John Carollo

John Carollo is an award-winning artist who began studying Watercolor in college at the University of North Texas - home to a renowned undergraduate and graduate program. Having initially approached the medium with a goal of producing realistic works, a summer study trip to Europe quickly cured those impulses. During the course of the summer, and continuing upon his return, John's work took on an increasingly expressive, stylistic flair, meant to convey the mood, emotion and essence of a scene rather than a literal interpretation of what the eyes might be recording. His loose, free-flowing style allows the water and paint (or silk dye) to often move on its own with minor guidance, in a technique he calls Controlled Chaos. The end result showcases watercolor's unique properties of translucency and atmospheric effect.

John's background in choreography, costuming and movement has led to his collaboration with modern dance companies, where he has often painted live. His watercolors have been shown extensively in exhibitions in locations including the Albin Polasek Museum, City of Orlando Stage Gallery, Gateway Center for the Arts, Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts, and numerous other spaces while being featured in the Orlando Sentinel and other publications in Florida and Georgia.

Creatively partnered with sculptor Marsha De Broske in a show of their own creation, The Figure As Vehicle, the artists explore the broad range of communication which can be expressed by the human figure in an exhibit that has appeared in three locations and is currently being prepped for its fourth in January, 2013.

John is a recipient of a 2012 and 2007 Artist Development Grant from the United Arts of Central Florida, which has aided in the expansion of his techniques and ideas.

Learn more about John and view his extensive body of work beyond silk painting at www.NakedEyeStudios.com

You can also follow John on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nakedeyestudios and Twitter at www.twitter.com/naked eye


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