Silk Overview

Free-flowing Style 
The transition from paper to silk by abstract watercolor artist John Carollo was surprisingly smooth, with many of the unusual effects and color blends that John developed over the years in his traditional painting working in a similar fashion on the much more porous silk surface.

While the substance providing the pigment (dye vs. paint) is different, John's distinctive Controlled Chaos style of vivid color, motion and glowing energy is surprisingly similar to his watercolor paintings.

How Does He Do It?

All silk is hand-painted freehand, using a variety of brush sizes, on specifically sized and constructed wooden frames. John's unusual style flows freely, with colors running, blending and moving across the silk in creative ways, providing a result impossible to duplicate. You can view videos of John painting silk at the Naked Eye Studios Youtube channel.

Once complete, all wearable silk is steam-set for permanence and brilliance of color. Flags and very large items may be color-set using alternate methods, depending on size and quantity of material.

Glowing Colors
Unrivaled Effect

Due to the complexity of the color blends and designs, John's creations very much change depending on viewing angle and light source. When lit from behind by any source, sun or artificial, his colors literally glow - an interesting feature he has put to use in his three dimensional silk sculptures.

If you wear his silk, you will be treated to a slightly different experience each time you arrange it on your outfit. There is simply nothing else like it.


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