The Start of Flag Painting

It all started with 126 flags... Yes really!

A few "Late Afternoon" Sunrise-to-Sunset Flags
 In 2011, watercolor artist John Carollo was asked by a composer/arranger for numerous marching bands across the country if he could paint "a few" flags to work with a particular concept he was planning for one group. John found this intriguing as many years ago in a former life, he had been a performer/choreographer/instructor for color guard units in marching bands, drum and bugle corps and winter guards, and enjoyed still following the activity as a fan. He had designed and sewn numerous flags over the years, but never hand-painted any.

 As the discussions of the projects progressed, one set of flags grew into multiples, finally growing to a total of 126 individual silks, divided into several themes. Not a small undertaking! After considerable research about the correct dyes/materials and techniques, the journey began. Three months later, Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, SC received the last of their order, including: 

Afternoon and Sunset Silks in Action
40 Sunrise-to-Sunset silks: each completely different, depicting the movement, color and effect of the sun during a day.

Clock Number silks: each with an individual number of 1-12 (40 total), representing a modern clock face. No two alike.

Four Seasons silks, featuring highly detailed icons for each time of year.

The Four Seasons
The whole process was an interesting journey, and John was most surprised to discover that a great deal of the expressive watercolor technique he had developed over the years could transfer to the silk medium and create similar effects. John's work has always been known for its sense of motion and glowing energy, so applying it to fabric that actually does move, ripple and catches the light with wonderful translucency has been an exciting experience for the artist.

An interesting new world of possibilities and effects had been discovered. 


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